"Would you like some sugar with your coffee?"

No, I like my coffee bitter just like my victims

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I’m going through my sisters yearbook and this kids senior quote caught my attention

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Will you ever consider making another youtube video?

No. Next.

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Oh heyyy Void Dylan. Be sure to catch an all new After After Show after a brand new episode of Teen Wolf at 10pm on Moonday! 

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SuperWolf crossover » Stiles has learnt many things as the sheriff’s son, but being sneaky is not one of them. 

Stiles. What are you doing?" "Oh, h-hey, Dad! Fancy meeting you here, huh? At the… sheriff’s office… where you… work…

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when you hear people talking about one of your obsessions 


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is that hermione granger

It’s LeviOsa not levio-ra-ra-ah- ah-aaah.

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